My Throne a Cockpit

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Our office was the cockpit of a topdressing aeroplane, so it was not hard to think of my seat as a throne. On top of the world, the daily communte took in the grandeur of the mountains, the beauty of the sunrise, and the sight of the world going about its business below. Whether I was at work on the airstrip, or in the cockpit, life was never dull. Every working day was different, and I never knew whether today I'd meet with danger or delight." My throne, a cockpit is a sometimes funny, sometimes serious ramble through the world of topdressing in the 1970s, told from the unique perspective of a loader driver. Based in Central Otago, Owen Williamson worked all around the South Island, meeting a fascinating bunch of pilots, mechanics, drivers and, of course, farmers along the way.

Title: My Throne, a Cockpit
Author: Owen Donald Williamson
Edition: illustrated
Publisher: David Bateman Limited, New Zealand, 2016
ISBN 1869539559, 9781869539559
Length: 256 pages