ITVV Airbus A320-200 Simulator DVD

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The same high quality, but now even better value and re-launched in all-new livery packaging!
All ITVV DVD products have been digitally re-mastered. We went back to the 'Rushes' (Camera Master Tapes) and completely re-mastered each programme on our in-house digital edit system. This ensures the highest quality possible.
Each ITVV DVD contains Chapter Points and menus which enable you to 'jump' to your favourite point in each programme.

While filming on scheduled airline services provides a wonderful way of watching flight operations, there are many things you will never see... This programme takes you to the SAS Flight Academy in Stockholm and covers essentials such as dealing with engine failures through to how to barrel roll an A320!

Led by one of our most popular presenters, Captain Alan Dix, your journey begins in the classroom for a refresher course on the layout of the A320, before looking at the workings of this $13 million six-axis simulator.

• Engine failure on takeoff
• Emergency alerts and warnings
• Zero visibility landing
• Captain explains instruments, systems and procedures
• Preflight briefing and explanation of flight dynamics

The Simulator

Once inside the sim you are invited to take the right hand seat for this detail. Alan will show and explain, in a clear and easy to understand way such things as Rejected Take Off (RTO), engine failure after V1 and the actions that are necessary to control this 62 tonne airliner. Alan also shows you how to accomplish a barrel roll in the A320! Or perhaps you need a refresher on how to do an autoland to runway 24 at Manchester?


This programme contains many more interesting facts and details on how pilots train in the simulator. It's perfect for those that want to take their airliner flying a little more seriously, either on home computers or with a view to taking up a career as a professional pilot; or simply enjoy this entertaining programme.

• Running time: 73 minutes
• DVD features 46 chapter points
• DVD VIDEO  - All Regions – PAL ONLY
• Please note that this DVD will work on PAL systems only and is not NTSC compatible. Please ensure your system can play this format, before purchase. Thank you.