ATC The Flying Training Manual Colour Version

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The Flying Training Manual explains and allows you to better prepare for each flight lesson and to reinforce the briefings given by your instructor. It also provides very valuable refresher study, especially if you are not able to fly regularly. From the back cover... This manual was designed to complement the flying training syllabus and the briefings that are provided by your flying instructor. It allows you to study the exercises in advance and to be better prepared for the lessons. In this way, you can gain more training value from the sortie and you will understand and better retain the instruction. There is no one best way to teach flying and your instructor may vary the sequence or the content of individual lessons to suit your background and rate of progress. However, the content of this book will still be ectremely valuable in understanding the practical application of the theory that you learnt in BAK. While the descriptions are based on typical general aviation aircraft, you may well choose to learn in an approved ultralight aircraft. This principles and application remain the same. Good luck with your flying Author: ATC ISBN#: 1-875537-18-X Pages: 378
GTIN | 9781875537488

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