Cleen Screen Aviation Grade Windscreen and Canopy Cleaner - 250ml spray bottle

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Cleen Screen is a cutting edge Aviation Grade windscreen and canopy cleaner.

Cleen Screen is used to remove marks, smudges and bug spots from windscreens, canopies, paintwork and plastics. Cleen Screens anti-static properties help stop dust, dirt and lint sticking to cleaned surfaces. This reduces frequency of and time spent on cleaning.
Cleen Screen will not leave a film that could produce optical distortion or halo effect.
Cleen Screen also has a rejuvenating effect on cleaned surfaces.

Cleen Screen is primarily intended for the Aviation market for cleaning aircraft windscreens and canopies. It is the Aviation Industry's windshield cleaner of choice for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopter pilots. Cleen Screen is safe to apply on any hard surface (e.g. Perspex, Polycarbonate, Alloys, Vinyl and Paint), with the same cleaning and rejuvenating effects.

Its unique formulation makes it equally useful and safe on aircraft surfaces such as, leading edges, gear legs, rotor blades yet Cleen Screen is also suitable for automotive, marine or household applications. Cleen Screen can even be used on reading glasses, sun glasses or mirrors.

Optically distortion free and does not leave a halo effect.
Suitable for use on any other hard surface such as alloy, vinyl and paint with the same cleaning and rejuvinating effect
Due to its anti-static abilities, it will help stop dust, dirt, lint and bugs sticking to cleaned surfaces
If used regularly will reduce the frequency and effort involved in windscreen cleaning.
Safe to be carried and stored onboard all aircraft.

Available as 250ml spray bottle