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The satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) has changed aircraft navigation forever, offering a highly precise navigation system that can be used anywhere in the world. As the use of GPS grows electronic databases become larger and more complex. Jeppesen NavData services lead the way in providing the electronic data necessary for airline, corporate and general aviation pilots to maximize GPS benefits - today and tomorrow.

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Get the most from your navigation system

High integrity Jeppesen NavData is trusted by pilots worldwide. Thousands of changes occur in the world's complex airspace system every month. Jeppesen has the proven resources, and experience to gather, edit and disseminate these changes in a timely manner. You receive the most accurate, current information available.

Our Aviation Database (JAD) is composed of over one million records and was built from the ground up to serve the unique needs of Jeppesen's worldwide customer base. Each 28-day cycle, our flight information analysts meticulously edit and verify an average of nearly 150,000 JAD transactions. Only original source documents are analyzed. No government-compiled databases are used. Information is gathered from 220 separate agencies worldwide and then cross-checked using multiple sources. An additional integrity check occurs as analysts review hard copy reports looking for errors or omissions. Then, the data is double-checked by computer for reasonability in comparison to other data and against the thousands of business rules built into the database.

JAD and other Jeppesen databases support the industry's need for high precision data. The data is making possible advanced navigation concepts like RNP, LNAV/VNAV, and synthetic vision.

Benefits and features

  • Keeping Current in a World of Change: In a complex airspace system under constant change, more and more users of computerized aviation databases are turning to Jeppesen NavData services to keep them on course and current.
  • Jeppesen NavData is recognized by airlines, general aviation pilots, and corporate flight departments and almost every major avionics manufacturer worldwide as providing the most complete and accurate aeronautical information available.
  • Thousands of changes occur in the world's airspace system every month. Jeppesen has the resources and experience to deliver these changes within the International Civil Aviation Organization's 28-day standard.
  • Jeppesen and DO-200A: Our NavData is currently produced under an ISO 9001 registered quality management system. The workflow and processes Jeppesen follows are in full compliance with the requirements set forth in RTCA document DO-200A, Standards for Processing Aeronautical Data. In addition, JAD is in full compliance with DO-200A.

Avionics Data Solutions Overview

Your avionics system is only as good as the data behind the displays and functions. Jeppesen avionic data solutions include: navigation data (NavData ®), obstacle data, terrain data and cultural data. These data sets power the latest technological advances in many EFIS, MFD and PFD displays.

NavData – provides you with vital knowledge of airport features, runway characteristics, communications information, waypoint features, SIDs, STARs, terminal approach procedure information, VORs, NDBs and a comprehensive set of boundaries for con- trolled/restricted airspace.

Obstacle data – consists of man-made features such as cell phone towers, radio towers, buildings, cranes and ships.

Terrain data – includes topographical features of the earth and is displayed in three-arc, second clarity on some displays.

Updating your avionics data is easy with Included Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM). JDM is a free software program that you can use to manage and update your data. You simply upload the data to your avionics system where and when it's convenient for you.






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