LED Lenser Filter Set

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This LED Lenser filter set includes red, green, yellow and blue interchangeable coloured filters lenses. Suitable for use with the P7, P7.2, P7 2018, T7, T7.2, B7, M7, M8, MT7, M7R, L7, L7E, H14 and H14R LED Lenser models. Also suitable for other torch models with a head diameter of 37 mm. Fitting the Lenses The rubber holder that houses the glass lenses is quite hard and the lenses can potentially break if too much force is applied. Therefore we recommend to slightly warm up the hard rubber holder to make it more malleable. This is best achieved by putting it in a bowl of hot water (not boiling) first and it should soften the holder enough to insert the lens with no issues. Product Features Includes 4 coloured filter lens: Red, green, yellow and blue Suitable for any torch with a head diameter of 37 mm All filters feature anti-reflective coating to ensure maximum available light passes through Packaging and Contents Supplied in retail box and includes: Rubber lens holder x 1 Red filter lens x 1 Green filter lens x 1 Yellow filter lens x 1 Blue filter lens x 1