Oxford Diecast Kozhedub Lavochkin LA7 1:72 Scale Model Aircraft

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The Lavochkin LA-7 was a piston-engined Soviet figher developed during WWII by the Lavochkin Design Bureau. It took its first flight in February 1944 and between then and its retirement in 1950, over 5700 were built, used primarily by the Soviet and Czech Air Forces. With a top speed of 661 km and hour and armed with either two or three 20mm cannons, it was felt to be the equal of any similar German aitcraft of the time. Our 1:72 replica is as flown by Soviet WWII Ace, Ivan Kozhedub. Born in 1920, he learned to fly with an aero club before joinin the Soviet Army in 1940. His outstanding WWII career as a fighter pilot earned him numerous outstanding awards and he was one of the few pilots to shoot down a Messerschmitt Me 262 jet. His record included 330 combat missions, 120 aerial engagements and he was credited with shooting down 62 enemy aircraft. He died in 1991 aged 71.

Packed: 19.2cm x 18.9cm x 8.2cm ( L x W x H )

Unpacked: 11.9cm x 13.5cm x 9.6cm ( L x W x H )

1:72 scale means that this is 72 times smaller than the full sized vehicle(s)


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