Tely SOLO PNR Carbon Fibre Aviation Headset

Tely SOLO PNR Carbon Fibre Aviation Headset



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Tely Pilots aviation headsets are Crafted with lightweight, durable carbon fiber, the headset cup design enhances sound quality while optimizing noise-canceling characteristics—perfect for achieving a clear, comfortable ride.

These are the next best thing in aviation. They are super light weight, great for long flights. They are strong, durable, and very light weight. 

TELY Passive Noise Reduction (PNR) Headsets feature an ear cup push-to-talk button, making it easier than ever to contact ATC—even for instructors, who can conveniently communicate with ATC from the pilot’s seat, with no need to take control of the yoke.

With it’s 100% carbon fiber ear cup construction the SOLO headset is the lightest headset available weighing in at only 9 oz. (255g) compared to David Clark's 13.4oz.

Separate volume controls for left and right ear cups, plus a completely reversible design, add to the flexibility of this versatile pilot’s tool.

The SOLO Headset provides you with a cost effective and light weight solution for cockpit noise reduction

Features include

  • Extremely light weight over-the-ear headset &
  • rotating microphone.
  • Push-to-talk button on one ear cup.
  • Cabling and adapter for fixed-wing applications.
  • Leather ear seals
  • General aviation dual plugs
  • Stereo/mono switch
  • 3 year warranty


  • Headset Weight: 9 ounces
  • Headset Size Range: 10 to 14 cm
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 to 70° C
  • Radio / Intercom Connection: Dual Plugs
  • Noise Reduction Range: 23 dB


About Tely

As a former endurance racer with more than 25 years of motor sports communications experience, Toto Lassally knows a thing or two about extreme ambient noise. From the high-octane turns of Daytona, to the creation of leading communication systems brand Speedcom Communications, his career has been defined by speed and sound.

Now, he’s blending his unique expertise with his passion for flight to deliver high-performance, affordable aviation headsets to pilots like you.

The TELY Difference

At TELY Technologies, they know the importance of clarity when you’re cruising high altitudes. Built to provide peace of mind and comfort to new pilots and seasoned aviators alike, there products offer the advantage you’ve been looking for. 



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