For two decades, we built MotoArt as the first and only shop handcrafting one-of-a-kind furniture from the salvaged parts of decommissioned aircraft. While our artists continue to create desks, bars, tables and beyond from wings, fuselage, cowlings and more, we wanted the opportunity to bring a piece of aviation history to more of those who love the art of flight.

It was a natural choice to create PlaneTags, the first and original aviation memento that is resurrected from the skin of retired aircraft, hand cut, stamped, shaped and individually etched, ready to serve as an ID tag or displayed as a treasured part of your aviation collection.


When you consider the rich history of each grounded plane, it’s tragic to see them breaking down piece by piece in the boneyard, their vibrant skin succumbing to the harsh sun. When we see a decommissioned military aircraft, commercial plane, and particularly vintage aircraft, we see so much more than just metal and parts. We see the stories of their time in flight, the passengers they connected to the world, the pilots who guided them through the skies, and often, the critical missions they took on during wartime. It’s the respect we have for each of their stories, and your personal experiences with these aircraft, that drives us to give them new life and reintroduce them to aviation fans worldwide.


Once we’ve salvaged a plane to add to our collection, we select and hand cut manageable sections from the fuselage, taking the original skin, paint, patina, and original body wear with us back to our workshop to begin crafting the most authentic piece of the aircraft we can possibly deliver. When you hold a PlaneTag, you’re holding an original piece from the plane exterior that flew through the clouds.

 Since each piece is hand selected, cut, and stamp, we craft each PlaneTag to be truly one-of-a-kind. Although you’ll be sharing the aircraft with aviation fans around the globe, your piece will look like no other, and will be assigned a number in the series.