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Home Tools & Gadgets Fisher Space Pens
Home Tools & Gadgets Fisher Space Pens

Fisher Space Pen

Fisher Space Pens are built for more than just outer space. The fact is, due to the patented sealed and pressurized ink cartridge, they will write in just about any condition and on almost any surface. Underwater or over grease. Extreme temperatures (-30 to +250 F/-35 to +121 C). Upside down or floating in a gravity-free zone. It doesn’t matter, our pens will perform. Our sealed and pressurized ink cartridges last three times longer than the average pen with an estimated 100-year shelf life.

The Bullet Space Pen is in the permanent collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art as a symbol of elegant, industrial American design.

In 2020 the AG7 Astronaut Space Pen launched into space aboard the Falcon 9 Rocket during the manned NASA / SpaceX Crew Dragon Mission.