Coghlans Emergency Tube Tent

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Coghlans Tube Tent The tube tent is designed for emergency survival situations in which a shelter must be set-up quickly. This tent can double as a tarp and is extremely light and compact, providing a perfect shelter solution for any outdoor use including camping, backpacking, or storing for emergency situations. Can also be used for signalling purposes due to the bright orange color. Tube Tent Features: Rugged 2.5 mil polyethylene Fire retardant Lightweight Shelter sets up in minutes Provides enough space for 2 people Cord included Tube Tent Set Up Directions: 1. Feed the cord through the Tube and tie to available trees, post, car door, etc. For Maximum floor width, suspend so the cord is 2 1/2 to 3 feet above the ground. 2. Spread floor out and place sleeping bags or other gear (rocks or small logs will do) to hold the sidewalls in place and anchor the corners. Tent Uses: Ultralight backpacking Emergency Preparedness Camping Hiking