Diecast Model Aircraft 1:400 - Concorde

Diecast Model Aircraft 1:400 - Concorde




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High quality diecast model with removable stand.

Approximate length 16cm.

About G-BOAC

British Government authority for the production of G-BOAC was given in December 1969

Concorde G-BOAC was initially used by the manufacturers, BAC, to complete the Certificate of airworthiness, which included such areas as air conditioning system checks and auto landing trails. Then after the completion of these tests, she was used alongside the airlines on route proving duties around the world. Alpha Charlie was mainly based in Bahrain but also flew some routes out of Singapore The aircraft was retuned to BAC in 1976 after completing 141 flights to be refurbished for airliner service.

Concorde G-BOAC (affectionately known as ‘Alpha Charlie’) became the second aircraft to join the UK’s Concorde fleet when she was delivered to British Airways on 13 February 1976

Despite the fact that G-BOAC was the second Concorde to be delivered, she is considered to be the flagship of the fleet as she carries the registration plate BOAC – which were the initials of British Overseas Airways Corporation, the airline that merged with BEA (British European Airways) to form British Airways

The aircraft made its first flight on 27 February 1975 and began its ‘endurance’ flying on 7 July that year taking in Bahrain, Bombay, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Melbourne, Beirut, Gander and Damascus

On 1 September 1975, G-BOAC became the first aircraft to make four Atlantic crossings in one day. It flew between London and Gander, Newfoundland

After months of discussions between the UK and US Governments, Alpha Charlie was the first Concorde in commercial service to land on US soil at Washington Dulles airport on 24 May 1976

On 19 December 1985, G-BOAC travelled at 1,488 mph, the highest recorded ground speed for a commercial airliner

To mark 10 years in service, four British Airways Concorde’s – including G-BOAC – flew in formation over the Atlantic



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