Eco-Loop Spill-Proof Screw on Funnel

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When it comes to handling fluids, precision, efficiency, and cleanliness are paramount. The Eco-Loop Spill-Proof Screw-On Funnel is your solution for safe, mess-free fluid transfers. This innovative funnel is designed with your convenience and the environment in mind.

Funnel Spill Proof

Key Features:

1. Safe and Versatile: Our funnel is compatible with most fluids, ensuring you can use it for a wide range of applications. From oils to antifreeze, it's a reliable tool for various tasks. Do not use with gasoline.

2. Unique "Loop" Design: The patented "loop" design is a game-changer. It captures residual fluids, preventing leaks and contamination. No more messy spills, even when stored in toolboxes or trunks.

3. Breather Valve: Need to pour or drain fluids quickly? Open the breather valve for lightning-fast pours. It reduces vacuum pressure, allowing for speedy transfers.

4. Transmission Tip: Included is a removable tip specifically designed for transmission fluid filling. Easily attach or detach it as needed.

5. Flexible 29" Hose: Sometimes, hard-to-reach places demand flexibility. Our 29" hose provides maximum maneuverability, ensuring you can pour with precision in any situation.

6. Universal Adapters: Say goodbye to leaks and frustration. Multiple universal adapters ensure a secure fit on nearly all oil and fluid containers. Store them attached or unattached, depending on your needs.

7. Eco-Friendly: Our funnel's unique design not only prevents spills but also safeguards against contamination, protecting the environment from potential harm. It's the responsible choice for eco-conscious individuals.

Please note that this funnel is NOT for use with gasoline or fuels.

It seals shut after use, preventing residue from leaking out and creating messes. With the Universal Spill-Proof Screw-On Funnel, you have the ultimate tool for clean, efficient, and eco-friendly fluid transfers. It's the only choice for no spills, no contamination, and no pollution—keeping both your workspace and the environment pristine. Make it your go-to tool for hassle-free fluid handling for your aircraft.


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