Fuelhawk Universal Fuel Gauge 11in

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The Fuelhawk is just 11 inches long, clear lightweight and unbreakable. It's easy to use and gives an instant readout in gallons usable.

NOTE: Measurement in gallons.

For any aircraft - easy to calibrate.
Direct readout gives instant gallons usable on a calibrated card.

No more guessing:
These handy devices offer the answers to these very important questions: 1. How many gallons of usable fuel are still in the tank? 2. How much fuel can be added without going over gross weight? 3. Are the aircraft fuel gauges working and accurate?

Easy to use:
Simply insert slowly until Fuelhawk touches bottom of the tank. Place finger firmly over top opening to lock fuel in tube. Remove to see instant readout in gallons usable on calibrated card.

GTIN | 794849708028

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