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By A.C. Kermode & R.H. Barnard D.R. Philpott

Mechanics of Flight is an ideal introduction to the basic principles of flight for students embarking on courses in aerospace engineering, student pilots, apprentices in the industry and anyone who is simply interested in aircraft and space flight. Written in a straightforward and jargon-free style, this popular classic text makes the fascinating topic of aircraft flight engaging and easy to understand.

Starting with an overview of the relevant aspects of mechanics, the book goes on to cover topics such as air and airflow, aerofoils, thrust, level flight, gliding, landing, performance, manoeuvres, stability and control. Important aspects of these topics are illustrated by a description of a trial flight in a light aircraft. The book also deals with flight at transonic and supersonic speeds, and finally orbital and space flight.

Key Features
* A straightforward practical approach to the subject based on the application of the basic principles of mechanics.
* Descriptions are aided by the use of a large number of illustrations and photographs.
* Numerical questions with answers make it suitable as a course teaching resource.
* Non-numerical questions and answers are included to allow readers to assess their own understanding.

ISBN-10: 0273773518 ISBN-13: 9780273773511
Pages: 502

GTIN | 9780273773511

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