ROYCO 782 Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid - 1 Quart


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Royco 782 is a red-colored "Super Clean" synthetic hydraulic fluid developed to meet the severe duty demands of today's military and industrial equipment. Modern additive technology is employed for oxidative stability, corrosion inhibition and antiwear protection. Royco 782 is compatible with petroleum-based fluids and all components used in mineral oil type hydraulic systems.


Royco 782 is Intended for use in severe duty applications requiring both low and high temperature operation, extended time periods between service intervals, excellent shear stability, water demulsibility and the safety factor afforded by the use of a synthetic fluid.

Royco 782 is recommended for use in aircraft, missile and ornance systems using synthetic sealing materials as well as in heavy duty construction equipment and industrial robotic hydraulic systems.

Royco 782 is suitable for use in applications operating at temperatures from -40°C to 205°C.

This product is especially recommended for use where the high flash point provides added safety margins.


Royco 782 meets the requirements of an is qualified to MIL-SPEC: MIL-PRF-83282D Am 1, NATO Code Number H-537


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