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ScrewGrab is a friction gel that helps loosen, remove or tighten all types of fasteners — even damaged or rusted screws, nuts and bolts.

A single dab of ScrewGrab creates a positive grip between metal surfaces (new tests have shown as high as 800%), that virtually eliminates tool wear and the stripping, rounding or deforming of fasteners.

Our tech who has been using it forever and he swears by it. Thanks. ” ~ J.N., New Belgium Brewing Co.

ScrewGrab is ...

  • NOT a Glue
  • Works Instantly
  • Wipes CLEAN after use
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

ScrewGrab is approved for use on United States Military fighter jets, and by the United Kingdom RAAF.

I am an aviation mechanic in Iraq, and I have to say that your product is awesome! It has saved so much time it's unbelievable.” ~ J.W., USMC

Hundreds of Uses

ScrewGrab has many uses in the home and business. Use ScrewGrab for these situations:

  1. Stripped, rounded or deformed bolt heads and nuts
  2. Seized, rusted, or Hard-to-reach Spots
  3. Stops drill bits from turning in chuck
  4. Sloppy or mismatched sockets
  5. Removal of headlight frames, car moldings, etc.
  6. Apply to power driver for drywall or deck screws
  7. Many More...

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