Bose Headsets

Bose Unveils Noise-cancelling Headset for Jet Pilots

Andrew Shand
Bose introduced its first active-noise cancelling (ANC) headset designed specifically for turbine aircraft pilots today at Sun ’n' Fun 2018. The company bills the new FAA TSO C139a- and EASA E/TSO C1-certified ProFlight Aviation Headset, which weighs 4.9 ounces, as the “industry's smallest, quietest, and most comfortable” ANC headset.

It features an in-ear configuration, three user-selectable levels of active noise cancellation, and a “tap control for talk through” function that allows pilots to communicate with others not connected to the intercom without removing the headset or an earpiece. Other features include an electret noise-cancelling microphone, active equalizer, and Bluetooth functionality. It also comes with a carrying case that is designed to fit a Jeppesen binder holder.

The microphone/down cable can be swapped to either side in seconds without tools, thanks to a quick-release button, according to Bose senior product manager Matt Ruwe. In addition, the earpieces—which are available in different sizes—and headphone pads are inexpensive and can be easily replaced, he said.

Bose designed the headset for long-term comfort—a feature that has already been tested on long flights in a Gulfstream G650, said Ruwe.