Vol 12: NZ ATPL(A) Instruments and Navigation Aids

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The Airline Transport Pilot Series - Volume 12, Instruments and Navigation Aids This ATPL(A) Instruments and NavAids textbook comprises six sections: Air Data Instruments; Integrated Flight Instrument Systems; Warning Systems; Recorder Systems; Navigation Aids; and, FANS (CNS/ATM). The manual provides you with an idea of how well you have mastered the material by setting a number of short-answer questions at the end of each chapter, providing model answers, with references to the syllabus item and the textbook page. The textbook also provides you with a glossary of many of the terms and abbreviations you will encounter in learning about and using the systems. It should be noted that ATPL(A) Instruments and Navigation Aids is not a replacement or substitute for PilotBooks Volume 9, Instruments and Navigation Aids which assists students in their studies towards the Instrument Rating. Each book is written to different syllabus requirements.